" There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
- George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to Delicipes!

I've blogged a bit off and on for the past few years (well, almost 10 years...!! Really?!) and I've had multiple styles and types of blogs with a huge variance in readership from one to the other. This place will, in a way, replace another I once had long ago. I'm just fine with that.

Here at Delicipes I will post random recipes that I have found delicious (did you catch that?) and/or that I have created. I can't promise any specific time table for posts, so please bear with me and the upcoming sporadic behavior! I will try to post at least once a week, I just can't promise which specific day each week (the hazards of working full time and going to school for an engineering degree).

My husband and I love hanging out in the kitchen and we are constantly looking for new recipes to try. We have no specific "likes" when it comes to food - to us, it's all good (except spicy hot stuff. We disagree there; he loves it, my stomach hates it). We currently rent a teeny-tiny apartment but dream of building a huge home...centered around a grand kitchen and dining space (and a massive library, but that's another tale).

Join us, now, around the dining table. We've a bookcase full of cook books nearby and the entire Internet at our fingertips - let's explore them all and take a bite out of life.


What would you like to cook?

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